e-DocuBank® enables you to scan, physically archive, and digitally archive all of your documents … And all that IN ONE CLICK.
This smart connected kiosk maximises information traffic and protects your data !

It’s the first connected kiosk 100% cloud, with automatic indexing of your original paper format documents. The moment documents are scanned, the papers are transferred into archive boxes which can be externalised or kept for archiving.
The document is then uploaded into the ECM Software, so you can find it directly on the kiosk, or on any connected tablet, smartphone, computer, etc…

All documents are timestamped, tracked and every action performed on a document is saved. Every document is traceable offering maximum protection for your archives.

Your e-Docubank® enables you to :

• Class digitally and physically
• Find documents using full text research
• Index documents
• Print any document you have in your archives
• Send documents by encrypted links
• Share documents
• Track actions realised on all documents
• Manage rights of access to the kiosk and ECM software