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Centralise in the cloud ! Data is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world!

Software’s adaptability : Grâce à une interface simple, intuitive, et épurée ainsi que de puissants outils de travail intégrés, l’application s’adapte entièrement à votre méthode de travail et devient un levier de votre réussite…

Collaborative work and workflow : thanks to an easy & intuitive interface, and strong additional tools such as : electronic signature, stamp, workflow, virtual paper-tray, LDAP, etc… the software perfectly adapts to the company using it!

Sign your documents online! : The SEE® System Protocol comes from the bank authentication system. Sign your documents via the software in just a few clicks. The signature appears just like a real one wherever you want it on the document.

Class, organise, add notes, stamp, create associations between documents etc….

Keep control of your contracts : Automatic renewals, prices, etc : know all about the engagements of your company.

Manage the rights of your collaborators : means of access, schedules, actions allowed on specific documents and files, etc…

NEXW Assign SEE ONLY RIGHTS to certain collaborators, customers, suppliers. .

Agreement for Healthcare : e-DocPro® has got the agreement «HADS» (Host Certified for Health Data).

Software plugins:

• Collaborative work
• Workflow
• Digital Signature SEE®,
• Contracts manager,
• Adaptable stamps,

• Dematerialised shipment,
• Heavy file transfers
• Official electronic shipments,
• Automatic indexing
• Rights management,

• Documents shared
• e-mail archiving zone
• XML Companion file
• Timestamp by atomic clock for every upload.
• Widged

Software range:

How to use our solution e-DocPro®

Many corporations have been studied with the intention to enable our solution to fit perfectly with all companies, from every field of activity.

Each time a document is lost, your profitability and productivity suffer… When you dematerialise documents with e-DocPro® you protect your business, increase your productivity, and boost profitability.
Your collaborators will have more time to accomplish their missions, and not waste time classing documents !